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Our Philosophy

European stone, German quality.

The keyword in our company is quality, which is defined by a strict and careful selection of our best materials. For our products we use only raw materials from our own quarry. In order to meet any requirements, the blocks are then processed exclusively by experienced and skilled workers.

Our goal is not only to offer stone, but with our professionalism to be successful embassadors of Bulgaria.

Armira Gneiss® has very good building material properties, such as high compressive and tensile strength, in addition, it sustains sudden temperature changes in an excellent way. It is resistant to frost, wear, abrasion, impact and that is why it is being used as a material since ancient times.

Our Colors

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Rainbow - mix between Golden-Brown and Silver-Grey

Armira Polygonal Plates (Flagstones)

Armira Sawn Plates

Armira Wallstones

Armira Boutique

Armira Polygonal Plates (Flagstones) for Wall

Armira Wallplates

Amrira Glitz Wallstones

Armira Lux

Armira Paves

Armira Sawn Wallstones